who we are

It’s all about people…

At mike’s, brewing great beer isn’t just a job – It’s a passion. mike’s was founded on a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which is still burning strong since 1989. We are family owned and employ passionate Taranaki locals, both full-time and part-time, as well as a range of local contractors.

We treat our natural environment with the same respect as fellow staff and our customers.

Our vision for mike’s is to be a viable and valued member of the community.

The potential for growth is unlimited, discerning beer drinkers in New Zealand and the rest of the world are tapping into our bold flavoured beers. All our ingredients are natural, there’s no stuff in our beer that doesn’t belong in real beer.

mike’s is committed to offering you the very best quality beer that we can produce. Helping us are Mother Nature, who supplies all of the ingredients, and Father Time matures the beer for us.

Multi-award Winner and New Zealand’s Oldest Craft Brewery

Yes, it’s true. We were the first craft brewery in New Zealand, starting all the way back in 1989! We became organically certified in 2000.

Since then, we have gone on to win many awards, too many to mention really.  But as long as our customers still love our beers, that’s the only true award.


Ron Trigg

Who I am: Whip cracker and immensely proud father of two

What I Do: Director, Master Brewer, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and anything that nobody else wants to do

What Spins My Wheels: Brewing and supplying amazing beers spins my wheels. Getting feedback from consumers on a product that you’ve helped create is such a buzz. (it’s mostly positive, but not always)

Pet Hate: Waste, of any kind

Carol DeJager

Who I am: An Import from Africa

What I Do: Admin,Sales,Compliance

What Spins My Wheels: Good food and 80’s Music

Pet Hate: Disorganisation


Mike Trigg

Who I am: Well….I’m MIKE!!!

What I Do: General Maintenance & Repairs, Feed all the animals and deliver beer orders locally

What Spins My Wheels: Gardening and Home grown veggies and the assortment of animals that call the brewery home

Pet Hate: Animals that dig in my veggie patch and being late or unprepared


Who I am: Lazy old girl, yet my wits are as sharp as ever……just try me

What I Do: Bark and alert the staff when a customer needs to be served, Keep the cats and chickens on their toes

What Spins My Wheels: I love having a chat with anyone that stops and gives me a pat or a scratch

Pet Hate: Bicycles or Motorbikes I don’t trust them, having a bath

Dylan Trigg

Who I am: Entrepreneur, Aspiring Millionaire and Humanitarian

What I Do: IT Support, Packaging, Event Bar Organiser and Spirit Guide

What Spins My Wheels: Electronics, Computers, Business Dynamics, Music and Movies

Pet Hate: People who use “Effect” and “Affect” incorrectly


Jesse Sigurdsson

Who I am: Viking/New Zealander (I’ve got the mixture perfect)

What I Do: Brew astounding beers, Quality Control, Sensory Analysis

What Spins My Wheels: Beer, Food, Sports, Music, Interpretive Dance

Pet Hate: Reality Television